Burn Belly Fat

4 Reasons to Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat is worse than other fat.

For example fat in your thighs just sits there. Where as the fat stored in your belly is called visceral fat and is biologically active according to Harvard Medical School. Experts think of it more like an extra organ or gland because it produces hormones that can negatively affect your health especially those hormones that affect appetite and metabolism like adiponectin and leptin. Belly fat also will increase your risk for type 2 diabetes because excess fat interferes with blood sugar regulating insulin. It also causes lung problems because it takes up more room in the chest which means decreased lung function.

It hurts your heart

Excess belly fat also produces cytokines or proteins normally associated with the immune system which can increase your risk for heart disease by promoting constant low-level inflammation and resistance to insulin. Fatty acids released by visceral fat in the stomach are also linked to higher LDL bad cholesterol or lower HDL good cholesterol. It’s worth saying again that heart disease remains the number one killer of both men and women especially in America.

Increased breast cancer risk 

Obesity and being overweight in general can increase your risk for breast cancer if you are a woman because excess body fat produces estrogen hormones which feeds breast cancer cells. But visceral belly fat in particular has its own risks in premenopausal women. Those with a big belly are more likely to develop breast cancer according to some researchers.

It destroys your good looks 

Last but not least being overweight especially in the stomach area makes you look very bad; let’s not beat around the bush here. You are a beautiful person but when you are loaded up with too much fat you look and feel downright ugly so let’s do something about it shall we? Let’s get rid of all that extra weight and baggage that drags us down and the good news is that it’s easier than you think!


Imagine quickly speeding up your metabolism and then burning more belly fat through the day — even when you are just sitting on your fat ass…

Are you aware that there are a few spices that have been shown in hundreds of scientific studies to do exactly that?

One of the most well known is cinnamon. Here’s how it works…

* Controls insulin levels (which means less calories stored as fat)

* Speeds up metabolism (so you burn more even while resting)

* Helps to burn belly fat (cinnamon is said to impact visceral belly fat more than fat in other parts of your body)

* Suppresses appetite (so you stay full longer)

All you need to do is add a little bit of cinnamon to your daily coffee, tea, or smoothie to reap the rewards of these powerful metabolism boosting special effects…

Pretty impressive, right?

However, did you know that the most recent scientific research proves that there is yet another spice that works even better and faster than cinnamon?

In one case study this ancient spice triggered a weight loss drop of 23LBS in only 3 weeks! Not only that…

Hundreds of research papers prove that this easy-to-acquire spice is one of the single best things you can consume to boost your  health and prevent disease!…

Can you guess what this spice is? (…I never would have…)

Find the answer here…

The NEW miracle spice to shed fat and boost your health

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